Nails on Pinterest

So my obsession lately has been Pinterest. It is like worst than Facebook for me. I love the fact that you can find so many ideas. And the fact that it is shared all over. In my last shows or events I have recommended it to everyone when they have a hard time with finding new nail art. Sometimes it does give you a little inspiration. I know it does for me in many ways. Searching through Google is good too but I have found that Pinterest has worked better. Here are some that I have found.

nails5 nails6 Love this one



New Nail Design

So I’m in my creative mood again. Came up with this design.

I used most of China Glaze Gelaze.

I love this gel polish. The colors are amazing and so true to the original colors.

Love this nail

Love this nail

After China

So immediately after China,  I then went to Sweden. I was blown away at how beautiful it is there. European countries are so amazing. But I really loved the fact at how relax everyone is. We need this for sure. But for now here are some pictures of my trip and the Beauty Spa Show I worked.

Loved working with such an amazing group.

Loved working with such an amazing group.

swden5 swden7 swedden4 sweden1 sweden2


Since my training back in December of last year  I have had a little bit of inspiration. Most will be from things that I like and some will be art that I have looked on Pinterest. Pinterest is fun. I highly recommend it.

Here’s some of my inspirations:

#Kiki's Delivery Service is one of #StudioGhibli Movies that I love so much

#Kiki’s Delivery Service is one of #StudioGhibli Movies that I love so much