Keeping up with some trends

Lately there have some trends rising up in the nail industry.

One in particular that has drawn my attention was a technique I learned in my last trip to Rome.

During the training I was giving in Rome, Italy, my fellow co worker Educator Anna showed me an awesome way to be able to utilizing  your acrylic powders and give you a matte texture effect. I was blown away that I tired it and this was my nails for about a week.

Texture look like chalk board and matte

Texture look like chalk board and matte


New nails

Since January I have been super busy with shows, trainings and other events.

But in the mean while I did take a course to further my techniques in Sculpted Nails whether it would be Gel  or Acrylic.

And I am so happy I did. In life sometimes we think we don’t need anymore to learn from, But after taking my class with Pauline Feinauer, I was blown away. She definitely put alot of my own experience in product knowledge to another level. I feel a little more confident for sure.

Here are the results to her class


The month is almost to an end!!!

Explain to me how that can be. How can January come to an end already. Well enough about January. Lets talk about what has been going on this month.


Always a fun show to work and attend. If you ever need makeup from the top professional brands in the world it would be here. I was lucky again to be able to work this show for American International representing China Glaze. Polish can never go wrong anywhere. We all need all kinds of color. It was fun just being there. Here are a few fun pics:

imats imats1 imats2 imats3 imats4 imats5 imats6 imats7 imats8 imats9

We had a blast!!!