The month is almost to an end!!!

Explain to me how that can be. How can January come to an end already. Well enough about January. Lets talk about what has been going on this month.


Always a fun show to work and attend. If you ever need makeup from the top professional brands in the world it would be here. I was lucky again to be able to work this show for American International representing China Glaze. Polish can never go wrong anywhere. We all need all kinds of color. It was fun just being there. Here are a few fun pics:

imats imats1 imats2 imats3 imats4 imats5 imats6 imats7 imats8 imats9

We had a blast!!!


After China

So immediately after China,  I then went to Sweden. I was blown away at how beautiful it is there. European countries are so amazing. But I really loved the fact at how relax everyone is. We need this for sure. But for now here are some pictures of my trip and the Beauty Spa Show I worked.

Loved working with such an amazing group.

Loved working with such an amazing group.

swden5 swden7 swedden4 sweden1 sweden2

What a year…

Ok I promise I will be better at this. Problem is that  I have so many social media pages that I neglect my blog. But I will try.

I first want to begin with my many trips that I have been on since March. It has been a world wind of excitement. And honestly I wouldn’t change anything at all.

Here are some pictures from Guangzhou, China where I worked alongside the most amazing people.

china china2 china3 china5 china6 china7 china8

Moving forward to the new year lol

2014 has surely been already busy for me. We are in April and boy the places I have been again. 

In January  I worked the IMAT Show in Pasadena. Now that was an amazing show. I never had so much fun with the Makeup Industry. I was there with the brand China Glaze along with Ardell lashes. Ardell is always the popular booth, always sell out. It was the first time China Glaze was at a makeup show. I will have to say I really enjoyed it. 

Entrance to show

Entrance to show

Our combo booth

Our combo booth

Random Pics

Random Pics