Continuing with my favorite design on the nails, I created these with pastels and finishing them with the acrylic powder to give that matte look and texture. 





On my recent trip to Rome, during the training I was giving, fellow educator  Anna showed me a technique that I really was blown away from. I didn’t think that it was going to be this easy. And the best part of it all was the fact that if you have products that have been collecting dust over the years because the big trend is Gel Polish nails or No Chip manicures, well this is something additional we can add to the menu.

Lets begin buy prepping the nail and ready for design:

Gel polished nail with foil

Gel polished nail with foil


Now here with a ready sealed nail, I am going to design over it with Gel Art Polish white. Do not cure:

Some lines with Gel  Art Polish

Some lines with Gel Art Polish

Now select from a variety of powders you wish to use for the design:


Now add the powder over the non cured gel





Sprinkle over the areas you desire the colors to appear.Don’t worry, let it be messy, it will look nice.





Now after all the design has been covered then tap on it a little to remove the extra powder. Cure for 1 minute



After curing use a small sponge to remove the powder still leftover on the nail.


Once you have cleaned off the extra powder, your nail design will be done.



Here is another I did in a black background.




Loved this new technique. Gonna do more.



Fun fun

Here is one set of new naiIs I did recently.

With gels you can really do anything. Its just a matter of just playing with different liquids in order to acquire the look you desires. I will do a video with step by step.

Having Fun!!!

Thats Gel

Thats Gel

New nails

Since January I have been super busy with shows, trainings and other events.

But in the mean while I did take a course to further my techniques in Sculpted Nails whether it would be Gel  or Acrylic.

And I am so happy I did. In life sometimes we think we don’t need anymore to learn from, But after taking my class with Pauline Feinauer, I was blown away. She definitely put alot of my own experience in product knowledge to another level. I feel a little more confident for sure.

Here are the results to her class