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In between the classes, I also did many tradeshows all over the states. From San Antonio Armstrong McCall World’s Fair Trade Show to Nail Pro Sacramento and many others in between.

Also was able to do some of my International shows as well. Always fun and exciting to meet new people and see some that I haven’t seen in a year.


Madrid, Spain 2013

Always a beautiful place to visit. And to eat the most marvelous food. I  can’t ever get enough. The distributor I work with for the past 2 years is Asuer Group. They are the best. The product I represent here is SuperNail ProGel. Another great gel polish I get to use. American International Industries has a variety of products for me to represent. At this event I represent SuperNail. I always enjoy working with this group especially working with Cecilia. She is absolutely a wonderful person to work with. She is so knowledgeable in nails. She represent Asuer in Spain as the Educator for SuperNail. I am always blessed that I have met such a great person. I wish we can see each other all the time. Sometimes at these shows, there are competitions that are held in the nail industry. This is a very big deal for all competitors. Nail Artist come from all over the world to compete in various levels. It is a very intense and very hard. Personally I have not ever done a competition. I’ve only seen the work and hours that is put into the amazing nails. It is a part of the industry that you really have to dedicate a lot of time.

One side of the stand

One side of the stand

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