Let’s start from August 2013

Oh the places I got to see yet again.

In this time frame I had the opportunity to travel a little more domestically. WeIl had the opportunity to do lots of training with Ulta.  Nationwide many of us traveled to give hands on classes and training for Ardell Lashes and Lash Be Long Extensions. Now you say what has this to do  with nails, well it doesn’t but like I said before, I represent a company that has an abundance of products that I represent. And lashes is one  of the major brands that is sold worldwide. Personally I love lashes. They make all the difference in the world. But in keeping with the subject at hand, the travels. I was able to go to Oregon, Washington and other areas in Northern California. It was fun training and applying lashes. Fun!!

lashes lashes2


These are a few of my Instagram Photos from a couple of classes I trained in different areas. We had a blast!!!

Thanks to Ulta and American International Industry for giving me the opportunity to share my knowledge and the fact that everyone left very please with the classes was very rewarding.



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